Shopping on

When you get to Starplaza and go inside, there are lots of different shops.



There are RB (Real Brand) shops, like DKNY & Sephora (more about them later)



There are also brands exclusively on , like Fudge, Rio, Voile & Pretty In Pink.



Here is a bit about each of Stardoll’s brands:
Fudge Girls & Boys:
Rio Girls & Boys:
Voile Ladies & Gentlemen:
Fallen Angel:
Pretty In Pink (Commonly know as P.I.P.):
The Real Brands in Stardoll are designed by the actual designers. They reflect the current season of clothing in real life in their collections. Real Brands include:
♥ DKNY (Donna Karan New York)
♥ Mary-Kate and Ashley
♥ Stuff by Hilary Duff
♥ Heidi Klum (jewellery)
♥ Sephora (make-up)
♥ Doree (formerly Esdeé – sells hair colour)
There is also a CELEBoutique , where you can buy merchandise if you’re a fan of:
♥ Avril Lavigne
♥ Aly & AJ
♥ Darin
♥ Faith Hill
♥ Heidi Klum
♥ Hilary Duff
♥ The PussyCat Dolls
♥ Sabrina Bryan
♥ Cole and Dylan Sprouse
Now you have all the info. , you can shop ’til you drop!

3 Responses to Shopping on

  1. cali_beauty says:

    I love shopping sometimes i think the prices are too much or the clothes look to cartoony though

    I agree!

  2. Daisy says:

    Well what should i say…great suite, fashionable htbuys items , but i coudn’t see my favourite hotbuys dress – the green one, you know it, i just can’t explain you about it. But all i need to say is I love it and she is unique !

    I’m not sure which dress you’re talking about — I’d love to see it

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