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  1. Stardoll Lover says:

    How many hotbuys and rares do you have?

    Well, I have 24 that are actually HotBuys and I have 8 more that are rare but not HotBuys. So, altogether I have 32 rares (right now)

  2. Jessie says:

    If anyone is selling DKNY or Hotbuys, i’ll trade almost anything in my closet

  3. cali_beauty says:

    Hi im cali_beauty and some people have the hair from the Sephora ad you now the side pony tail,there is a cheat for it does anyone know it??

    There’s no cheat, it’s a new hairstyle. Just go to the very first hairstyle under ‘long’ and it’s there!

  4. Carly says:

    Just saying that the Cali_Beauty person was talking about the long messy plait hair. I think you have to get 3000 starpoints or over… But just a question, why do some Stardoll members with only 200 StarPoints have the hair from the 2500 starpoints thing? People who have it have offered to tell me, but at a price, which Im not willing to pay?

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