April 5, 2008

To see this month’s HotBuys list, go to

Finding HotBuys can be very difficult, but if you want to search through StarBazaar (superstars only) , go to

Maybe you could join a club about StarBazaar or HotBuys, here are a few:

♥ A private, Superstar only Club, about StarBazaar, 2000+ members =

♥ A club for everyone, about HotBuys, 1600+ members =

♥ The VERY first club on Stardoll, 51,600+ members =  

♥ The club with the most members, 242,000+ members =




April 4, 2008

When you start Starpointing you will get a Starpoint plant. Your tree will grow and get flowers on it depending on your style.

When you reach certain amounts of starpoints, you get rewards. Here are some:

*100 Starpoints = 10 Stardollars and 2 new gifts to give to people.

*200 Starpoints = 10 Stardollars and free flower stickers for your album. When you reach 200 starpoints you can create your own club.

*350 Starpoints = 15 Stardollars.

*550 Starpoints = 15 Stardollars and 3 new hairstyles.

*800 Starpoints = 15 Stardollars and  2 new hairstyles.

*1050 Starpoints = 20 Stardollars.

*1300 Starpoints = 20 Stardollars.

*1550 Starpoints = 20 Stardollars.

*1800 Starpoints = 20 Stardollars.

*2150 Starpoints = 20 Stardollars.

 *2500 Starpoints = 20 Stardollars and new hairstyles.

*2850 Starpoints = 20 Stardollars and new hairstyles.

*3200 Starpoints = 30 Stardollars and more new hairstyles.


To get Starpoints:

♥ Talk to friends (mail && guestbook).

♥ Dress up dolls for your album.

♥ Buy new clothes in Starplaza or StarBazaar.

♥ Join new clubs and start topics, or reply to old topics.

♥ Make sceneries.

♥ Write in your StarBlog.

♥ Buy furniture for your suite.


You can get Starpoints for just about anything on — you even get points just for logging in!

But the maximum Starpoints you can earn in one day is 12.


Have fun!

Money, money, money!

April 4, 2008

How do I get money?

There are a number of ways:

1. When you first sign up, you will be sent a confirmation email to the email address you provided in registration. When you click the link in this email, you will receive 25 stardollars.

2. When you earn Starpoints (more about that in a different post) , you will get rewards of money.

3. You can buy Superstar membership, which gives you money.

4. If you invite friends to Stardoll, and they join and confirm their email address, you will receive money. You get 5 stardollars for each friend that joins, and the maximum amount of friends you can invite is 20.

I’ve got mails with cheats, but none I’ve got work! So, which cheats actually do work?

No cheats work. None. Think about it – Why would stardoll invent a cheat to make them lose money?!